5 Amazing IKEA For Chic And Functional Pieces

Just like you, I love a good Ikea shopping spree. But most of the time, I like switching up the items I buy with a few changes here and there. Not only does it increase a furniture’s function, but it adds a bit of personality as well.

1. Industrial Kitchen Island

Give your kitchen island an industrial feel by painting it in a dark gray color. If you’d like, you can also up its stylish factor by placing a marble top and attaching brass towel holders on the side

2. Dresser Turned Rolling Desk

Give your Ikea dresser a makeover by turning it into a rolling desk you can use in the bedroom or home office. Don’t forget to hide the drawer glides by attaching a thin piece of wood. If you’d like, you can also hide them using iron-on wood veneers.

3. Chair Makeover

Give your Ikea chair a whole new look with the help of a Sharpie. It’s so easy to do. Simply grab your Sharpie and place spots all over your chair. That’s it

4. Bookshelves Turned Kitchen Storage

Would you believe this kitchen storage piece was made with a few bookshelves? Aside from attaching the pieces with some drill work, you can also place a butcher’s block on top. Doing so will keep the shelves packed tightly together.

5. West Elm Inspired Dresser

Make your bedroom dresser more luxurious with this West Elm inspired Ikea hack. By the way, don’t forget to stain the wood first and let this dry before applying the white paint.