7 DIY Room Decor Ideas for Crafters (Who Are Also Renters)

Get your creativity on even if the space you call your room isn’t technically yours. These DIY room decor ideas are my secrets to crafting and decorating when renting. Trust me, you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy room after all these DIYs.

1. DIY Fun Cork Board

Hang your favorite photos and reminders on this fun and quirky cork board. Simply cut out a pineapple shape from your cork board, and draw different sizes of triangles. Then, grab a paintbrush and add a bit of green on top, and use a yellow color for some of the triangles.

2. Watercolor Clock

Don’t forget to measure the clock hands for your watercolor clock. You’ll want the base of the clock to be larger than the hands. By the way, when painting, it’s always better to start with the lighter color.

3. Faux Cactus

Scared you won’t be able to keep a plant alive, but still want some greenery in your room? Make a faux cactus room accent. Start by choosing different sizes of rocks and paint on them using green and white paint. You can even come up with different shades of green by mixing the two colors.

4. Gem Mirror

’ve found thin lines to look the best for this gem mirror. If you want to follow the thickness of the contact paper placed on the mirror, measure out 1/8” on each side of the lines. Doing so will give you a thickness of 1/4”.

5 String Light Decor

The beauty of string lights is they’re so easy to manipulate. If you place them in enclosed spaces such as paper cups, they’ll instantly turn into makeshift lanterns as well

6. Fabric Covered Styrofoam Balls

These fabric covered styrofoam balls look so intricate, but in reality, the fabric isn’t even sewn on. The secret lies in using a bunch of pins to secure the fabric pieces in place

7. Decorative Pillows

Make your pillows more unique by adding a bit of flair to them. Personally, I’m a sucker for pompom pillows because they look so cute! It’s hard to resist playing with the little pompoms on the sides as well.