Backyard Furniture Projects You Can DIY

Dave and I love backyard furniture pieces made of up cycled materials. We tend to be pretty sentimental when it comes to our things so we’re not big fans of throwing things away. In line with this, here are a few backyard furniture projects you can make from materials you probably already have at home.

1. Up cycled Outdoor Table

Have a broken wooden gate at your disposal? Disassemble the wooden pieces and turn it into an upcycled outdoor table.

Dave’s tip: If the wood to be used is pretty old, it may be better to saw the palings off first. That way, you reduce any chances of splitting the wood.

2. Concrete Side Table

I’ve always dreamed of having a concrete side table, however, found the ones in stores to be too expensive. Fortunately, Dave offered to DIY one from scratch using leftover wood boards from a previous project.

Dave’s tip: Use a concrete mix instead of pure concrete for this DIY project, as the former won’t make the table as heavy.

3. Barrel Water Fountain

I just love how Dave never seems to run out of projects for my growing wine bottle collection! We didn’t spend as much on this project as the wine barrel was actually donated to us by my favorite wine store — I guess you could say we’re regulars.

Dave’s tip: It’s important to set the fountain on a leveled surface. Doing so will ensure the water cascades all around the edges and not just in one area.

4. Hammock Chair

This DIY project is perfect for little ones who want to experience lounging in a hammock. For added comfort, place a small pillow on the seat.

5. Log Lounger

This cool log lounger will be a favorite of your friends and neighbors. To save a few more extra bucks, head to a landscaping company specializing in reclaimed landscaping waste to buy your logs from.

Dave’s tip: You can use shorter and cheaper lag screws by drilling into the logs with a large drill bit.

6. Glass Top Pallet Table

Dave’s a whiz when it comes to making tables, so he made a glass top pallet table to place in our backyard. For the glass top, he recommends using a tempered glass for added safety, as it’s stronger than regular glass.